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Wilma B. Pate
Title Author
Memorial Books
Blessed is the busybody Emilie Richards
Carolina Isle Jude Deveraux
The Cat who Dropped a Bombshell Lilian Jackson Braun
A Change of Heart: A Harmony Novel Philip Gulley
The Chocolate Mouse Trap: A Chocoholic Mystery JoAnna Carl
Done Gone Wrong Cathy Pickens
Getting Old is Murder Rita Lakin
Irish Gilt Ralph McInerny
Living in God's Love: The New York Crusade Billy Graham
Mrs. Malory and no cure for death: A Sheila Malory Mystery Hazel Holt
The New Woman: A Staggerford Novel Jon Hassler
Pelican Bay Charlotte Douglas
Saving fish from drowning Amy Tan
S is for Silence Sue Grafton
Sour Puss Rita Mae Brown
Stalking the Puzzle Lady: A Puzzle Lady Mystery Parnell Hall
Vita Melanie G. Mazzucco
Who's Sorry Now?: A Grace & Favor Mystery Jill Churchill
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