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Robert O. Pearson
Title Author
After the mud: Stories of the U.S. Navy and World War II Bill Shrout
Apache Desert L. P. Holmes (Llewellyn Perry)
The Bitter Night Wayne D. Overholser
Copper Bluffs Les Savage
Memorial Books
General Patton: A Soldier's Life Stanley P. Hirshson
The Gunsmoke Trail Barry Cord
He rode up front for Patton Albin F. Irzyk
Long Ride Peter Dawson
The Marshal of Babylon Ray Hogan
Masterson Richard S. Wheeler
Patton and his Third Army Brenton Greene Wallace
Range War Lauran Paine
Return to Broken Crossing Lee Hoffman
Ride to glory: A Western Quartet T. T. Flynn
The River at Sundown Earl Murray
The Searchers Alan Le May
The Texan Joan Johnston
Two Sixes Max Brand
World War II in the Pacific: an Encyclopedia
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