...Meeting Rooms...


There are three meeting rooms available for public use in the main meeting room hallway.


Room A - Capacity 50

Room B - Capacity 75

Room C - Capacity 15


In addition we have several other unique space options:


Located in our Children's Area and open to groups and organizations working with children between the hours of 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Children's School Age Program Room

Open to anyone ages 15 and older (no children under age 7 allowed in this space) with a picture id for the following uses:

3D Printing
Movie Editing
Picture Scanning
Studio 450 (filming, photo shoots)
Video Capture (VHS to DVD transfer)



For multiple/recurring dates, please contact a staff member at (317) 852-3167, option 1.


Haven't used our online system yet? Check out the tutorials below!


Making a reservation


Cancelling a reservation



Please note for all reservations: According to our Operational Policy (adopted 3/05) “Library sponsored programs take precedence.”



...Set-up & Clean-up


Full equipment lists are available on the sign-up page for each room.


Set-up and take down is the responsibility of the group using the room.


A $20 fee may be charged if the room is not in order.



Sign up is required for use of these rooms by an ADULT Brownsburg Public Library cardholder.


The person signing up with their library card number is responsible for the room and any damages and/or charges incurred during use. By submitting a request for meeting room usage, the patron indicates agreement with the Meeting Room Policy. Please note as of May 1, 2008 we will no longer allow meetings after library hours in our meeting rooms.


  • When using the online sign-up procedure, begin by selecting a date from the calendar on the left, then select a meeting room, then a time. For more detailed instructions, please view the detailed instructions.


  • Be sure to click the select button for each half-hour segment of time you will be using the room, including set up and take down.


  • Also please be sure to be specific regarding the name of the organization and purpose. For example, Soccer Meeting is too vague simply because the library does at times hold three soccer meetings at one time. Soccer Coaches Meeting/12yr. old girls would be more helpful.